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Mark's Experience


I have over 20 years of experience in the field.  I have also earned a Masters Degree in Social Work - Administration.  In the Administrative track, I studied many of the concepts and texts of an MBA program but my program's focus was narrower--on health and human service organizations.  I utilize many of these proven business concepts in my consulting. 

Smaller-Scale Projects


  • Group Training
  • Individual Training
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Interpretation of Regulations
  • Acting as liaison to County, State, or Accreditation Body Representatives
  • Document Evaluation
  • Contract Evaluation

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Larger-Scale Projects


  • State Medi-Cal Audit Preparation/Faciliation  
  • (3 State Audits with zero disallowances!)
  • Created interactive Progress Note/Time Sheet/Billing Database System in Excel for small providers to improve regulatory compliance, increase billing accuracy, and improve efficiency for managers, clinicians, and billing staff
  • Computer Program Development with a programmer to create extensive Online Programs
  • Datebase & Computerized Spreadsheet Development
  • HIPAA Implementation & Compliance
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Planning
  • Accreditation Project Preparation

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"Most Intelligent Student Award"  - By Colleagues in Masters Program in Social Work Administration

"Distinguished Service Award"     - For Pro-Bono Work with the San Diego Bar Association

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"Thanks Mark.  Everyone here had very positive things to say about the training; quite spectacular considering the trepidation about the topic."  -Program Director

"Mark gives the most interesting, engaging documentation training there is.  He incorporates visuals, interaction, and even film clips to make an otherwise dull topic very interesting."  -Agency Trainer

"This is amazing!  You did all of this!"  -Trainee for the Online Incident Report/Progress Note System

"This is great.  Is there anyway our county could use your system?"  -County Representative upon seeing the Online Incident Report/Progress Note System

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Previous Employers



Most of Mark's 16 years of experience in the field were spent with the following organizations:


Mental Health & Social Service Providers:

  • Eastfield Ming-Quong, Campbell, California
  • San Diego Center for Children, San Diego California
  • San Diego AIDS Foundation, San Diego, California
  • BHC Walnut Creek Hospital, Walnut Creek, California
  • Seneca Center, San Leandro, California


Other Employment Relevant to Healthcare Consulting:

  • Confederation Insurance Company, Atlanta Georgia
  • The Ohio State University - Office of Minority Affairs, Columbus, Ohio
  • San Diego State University - Department of Social Work, San Diego, California

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Pre-Consulting Work



Hospital Senior Manager

     Director of Quality Improvement



                    Social Worker   

                         Graduate Assistant

                              Minority Affairs Counselor

                                   Legal Clinic Counselor

                                         Residential Youth Counselor  




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