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Thank you so much for taking a moment and providing feedback regarding the FSP One-to-One process. Please be as detailed as you like. All items with a red * are required. Enter today's date here and begin:
What is the name of your agency? *
How many one-to-one sessions have you had at this point? *
What is your name (optional)?
Name the Trainer you are providing feedback about: *
Is the person on time and available for all scheduled sessions? *
How helpful have your one-to-ones been in improving your note writing? (Made things worse, Not helpful, unsure, slightly helpful, helpful, or very helpful?) *
What have been the best aspects of the one-to-one process? *
Do you have suggestions of ways the one-to-ones could be improved? *
If you have additional questions about note writing that have yet to be answered, please include them here:
If you have additional ideas for group training topics, please provide them here:
Please provide any additional comments here:

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